Ty Dillon takes offense to “Under 30 first-round” snub

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Ty Dillon currently leads the Xfinity Series in points. He also narrowly missed out on taking home a Trucks championship two years ago. Oh, and he won a race the Xfinity race at Indianapolis last year to go along with his three Trucks victories.

At 23 years old, that’s a decent resume in NASCAR. Apparently it wasn’t good enough to earn him a spot on Fox Sports’ RaceHub pretend first-round picks for drivers under the age of 30.

Dillon was none too pleased with that decision.

Mentioning Tom Brady at this point is a little touchy. But if Dillon ends up with four championships at any level, he can personally laugh int he face of every Fox Sports analyst.

Similar to every other driver on that list, Dillon has a long career ahead of him. While he may be the beneficiary of having a successful grandfather in Richard Childress funding his team, the points leader at the Xfinity level is proving he can steer his way  up near the front.

Only time will tell who was right in this discussion. Would the younger Dillon brother be in your top six drivers under 30 or would he be pushed to a later round?


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