LOOK: Spoiler for Pure Michigan 400 is larger than Alex Bowman’s head

Image courtesy of @TBR_Racing.
Image courtesy of @TBR_Racing.

Image courtesy of @TBR_Racing.

This weekend’s race at Michigan International Speedway will be the second test for NASCAR with a high-drag package. Things didn’t go so well at Indianapolis, but Michigan is a different style of track and will hopefully provide better racing.

One of the biggest parts of the aero package is a massive spoiler on the back of the car. As Alex Bowman pointed out today on Periscope with Chicken Bone Alley, the spoiler is bigger than his head.

Before Periscoping with us, Bowman also sat down with us for a Q&A that will be coming out later this week. He had some comments about the Michigan race and how this weekend should be a stark contrast from the Brickyard 400.

“Michigan is so different from Indy in almost every aspect,” Bowman said. “Honestly, we might just see superspeedway racing. It might just be a big pack race. Which seems like what [NASCAR] wants at this point. I’m definitely interested, though. I think it might be a couple of small packs instead of one big pack.

“These cars are going to punch a huge hole in the air and the draft is going to be big. But at the same time, with that big of a hole in the air when you get into the corner you won’t have any grip. So I don’t know, the guy up front could run away in leave all of us. It’s really hard to say until we get there.”

For the full Periscope of the Tommy Baldwin Racing shop, including an appearance by Baldwin himself, the TBR Sprint Cup and modified cars along with an interview with his crew members, visit this link before the video is gone.


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