Roush Fenway Racing gives fans inside look at hauler trip from Texas to Phoenix

Image courtesy of @RoushFenway.
Image courtesy of @RoushFenway.

Image courtesy of @RoushFenway.

Getting a behind-the-scenes look at nearly anything in NASCAR is exciting for fans. Starting on Sunday after the Texas race, Roush Fenway Racing allowed fans to view a side of NASCAR rarely seen — inside the hauler.

During the team’s trip from Texas to Phoenix, the RFR Twitter account used a hashtag #RFRTruckin to give an inside look. From loading up primary cars, exiting the tunnel and even the Spotify playlist they’re listening to, the RFR crew on Greg Biffle’s hauler is winning Twitter this week.

Here’s a look at some of the early highlights of the trip:

Texas to Phoenix is not a short trip, especially when carrying precious cargo like two Sprint Cup machines. Over the next several days, NASCAR fans can keep up with the trip by simply typing in the hashtag to see the journey.

Also make sure to follow along with DeWayne Ryder Zirkle, the driver who is taking us on the trip. Especially when he can do things like this:

Make sure to join in on the fun and get a chance to see what the trip is like. While most of us will never be hauler drivers in our lifetime, getting a chance to watch from the driver’s angle is as close as we’ll be to the action.


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