Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski to serve as NASCAR grand marshal in Chicagoland

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Rob Gronkowski does it all; and he does it big. So when it was announced that NASCAR had invited him to serve as the grand marshal for its Xfinity race at Chicagoland Speedway on June 20, the sport can already expect a party.

The New England Patriots tight end will serve as a co-grand marshal alongside his brothers Gordie Jr., Chris, Dan and Glenn. Gronk’s father, Gordy Sr., will also be at the track to serve as the honorary starter, per a track release.

While his dad gets to wave the green flag, Gronk will also serve as the pace car driver and give the cue to start the race with his brothers.

“I’m stoked to spend Father’s Day weekend with my family at Chicagoland Speedway.  Not only are we coming from all over the country to celebrate the best dad in the world, but I get the ultimate adrenaline rush of getting behind the wheel and driving the pace car to kick-off the NASCAR race,” Rob Gronkowski said. “My brothers and I get to say the most famous words in racing, ‘Drivers Start Your Engines,’ and my dad gets to wave the green flag to start the race. It’s going to be an awesome weekend.”

Image courtesy of @jaybusbee.

Image courtesy of @jaybusbee.

Fans at the track can also venture down to Infield Fan Zone for a Q&A with the tight end to benefit the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation.

What we know about Gronk is that he likes football, loves alcohol and, most importantly, always brings a party with him where ever he goes. Just months after winning his first Super Bowl, Gronk’s appearance at the Kentucky Derby and just generally hanging out screaming “Free Brady” have been legendary.

The only thing we ask is that Gronk stays away from Ryan Newman’s tires. We know how the Patriots like to deflate things. And no, Gronk, you’re not allowed to spike the microphone after the drivers start their engines.


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