NASCAR will utilize original 2015 rules package in Chase for the Sprint Cup

Image courtesy of @TeamHendrick.
Image courtesy of @TeamHendrick.

Image courtesy of @TeamHendrick.

This Sunday will be the third race where an updated rules package has been used in a NASCAR race. The high-drag package or any other aero package utilized earlier this season will have to take a backseat when the Chase starts in Chicagoland.

Following a meeting with the teams, NASCAR executive vice president and chief racing development officer Steve O’Donnell said it will not implement the package during the postseason.

“We’ve seen some good things with that package,” O’Donnell told reporters. “A lot of work has been done by the race teams already leading up to the final 10 races and feel like that’s the best decision for the sport.”

NASCAR has tested out two different packages, including a low aero look at Kentucky—which went over swimmingly with drivers and fans—and a high-drag package at Indianapolis—which, well, did not go over well. This weekend at Michigan the high-drag rules will be used again in hopes that a more wide open track will test the racers.

It’s a logical move for NASCAR, given the importance of the Chase races. These aren’t just events to determine who gets a shot at the title later in the season, but rather who will ultimately remain after a nine-race shootout. Take a look at how last season finished up and multiply that if drivers are able to place the blame on NASCAR instead of fellow competitors.

Moving forward, O’Donnell noted that NASCAR will evaluate the races at MIS and Darlington Raceway before announcing any future plans. He also pointed out that the 2016 schedule will be announced in “three to four weeks” after the series has time to review the results.


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