NASCAR reportedly set to implement new rules package at Kentucky

Image courtesy of @NASCARONFOX.
Image courtesy of @NASCARONFOX.

Image courtesy of @NASCARONFOX.

In an effort to improve the on-track product, NASCAR will reportedly experiment with a new rules package at Kentucky Speedway. It’s a step in the right direction for the Sprint Cup level, which has been berated by fans this season for lacking excitement.

Tom Jensen of Fox Sports notes that Kentucky will be chosen as the intermediate course to find a way to make the 1.5-mile racing more entertaining.

At nearly every track this season, the driver with “clean air” has held an advantage over any other racer on the track. Regardless of the tires, track bar adjustments or any other factor, having clean air has reigned supreme.

NASCAR fans are fed up and apparently drivers want to see changes, as well. Jeff Gordon, who’s on the NASCAR driver’s council, voiced his thoughts on changes to the aerodynamics and tire packages.

“What we want is the same as what everybody wants,” Gordon said. “We want more passing. More lead changes, three-wide racing and how you get that is by communicating and using the technology that is at our disposal now to benefit the racing.

“The only way we are going to do that is all working together. I like the direction we are headed.”

Brad Keselowski, who won the 2012 championship and has already secured a Chase berth with a win, also offered his take on the potential changes.

“At some point NASCAR is trying to get out in front of that and that is their job, to keep the racing as good as it can be,” he said. “In that sense, I completely agree that you have to continuously change the rules to keep up with the teams and the iterations that we come up with to make our cars perform that aren’t necessarily in the best interest of the sports. To me it is a good sign to see (NASCAR) trying to do just that.”

With seven races remaining on intermediate tracks—including the final three races in the Chase—something needs to be done to improve the competition on the track. Hopefully with a new rules package being implemented, NASCAR will finally catch up to the progress being made in the garage.

After all, that’s what the fans deserve.


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