NASCAR drivers react to Pure Michigan 400 rules package

Image courtesy of @nationwide88.
Image courtesy of @nationwide88.

Image courtesy of @nationwide88.

The racing during the Pure Michigan 400 was about as interesting for fans as the Brickyard 400. While Michigan International Speedway has some allure, it’s not quite the same level as Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Simply put, Sunday’s race lacked luster. And the fans weren’t the only ones that came away disappointed. Don’t get me wrong. Testing a new package was the right move for NASCAR. However, this one needs to be thrown into a dumpster fire and burned to a crisp.

Also, Michigan puts on a show big enough for the fans in attendance to still have a memorable experience—which explains why the stands were filled to the brim and the infield was as lively as ever. But more races like Sunday would severely hurt the sport.

Following the race, NASCAR drivers shared their thoughts and, well, lack thereof, about the rules package. Here are some of the best from around the sport.

“I don’t think we’ll be running this one again,” Carl Edwards told reporters.

“It’s not my right to say. It’s not my sport, so whatever they want to do, we’ll race it. That’s my job,” Brad Keselowski said postrace.

“The lead car has such a huge advantage,” Hamlin said. “They were able to run wide-open mostly. It’s going to be hard for a second-place car to pass the leader when the leader can run wide-open.”


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