NASCAR drivers react to Southern 500 rules package at Darlington

Image courtesy of @TooToughToTame.
Image courtesy of @TooToughToTame.

Image courtesy of @TooToughToTame.

Oh, what a difference a little spoiler can make.

Three weeks ago, drivers and fans alike were a bit dismayed over the high-drag package used at Michigan. Matt Kenseth may have came away the winner, but everyone made it clear the package was the equivalent to a dumpster fire on the track.

On Sunday, the spoilers were reduced—so were the tempers after the race.

With competitive racing, green-flag passes for the lead and, best of all, competitive racing until the last lap, the Darlington package was a massive success. The hope now is that NASCAR will stick close to the low aero package to keep the theme for the 2016 season.

Here’s a look at the response from around the sport.

NASCAR executive vice president Steve O’Donnell: “There’s a lot of data for us to go back and absorb like we did coming out of Kentucky and the other races. From our perspective, we’ll go and do that and spend the proper time with the industry, the drivers, with a decision probably at the end of the month on our rules package.”

Carl Edwards: “I really think we’re at a bigger crossroads than most people realize. I think this is an opportunity for the sport to go in one of two directions. They can go the direction of making the sport competitive because the cars are easy to drive and everyone’s car is about the same and we can basically have Talladega every week, or they can go the direction of making the cars extremely hard to drive and showing the massive talent of the drivers, the crew chiefs and the pit crews, and I hope that they take the latter. I hope they really keep going this direction.”

Joey Logano: “I thought it was a great package. We raced really, really hard. I thought the tire wear made it a lot of fun. When you see the top three cars and the leader isn’t pulling away, that’s pretty cool. That’s what we want to see. … It’s not an easy track to put on a good race, and we did tonight, and I think that says something about this package.”

Brad Keselowski: “It separates the race car drivers from the pretenders. That’s the way it should be.”

Denny Hamlin: “That’s the way racing is supposed to be. It was a lot of fun today.”


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