Matt DiBenedetto gets surprise from Cosmo Motors after sixth-place finish at Bristol

Image courtesy of @cosmo_motors.
Image courtesy of @cosmo_motors.

Image courtesy of @cosmo_motors.

Matt DiBenedetto didn’t make it to Victory Lane Sunday at Bristol, but it sure felt like it. BK Racing’s sponsors made it feel like Winner’s Circle when he got back home in Hickory, NC.

When you finish a career and team-high sixth at Bristol, you get a party thrown for you. Matt DiBenedetto and BK Racing were the last team remaining on pit road Sunday at Bristol, still hugging and screaming about the team’s memorable afternoon.

But the party didn’t end at the track. BK Racing sponsor Cosmo Motors made sure of it.

When DiBenedetto finally arrived in Hickory in the wee hours of the night after driving back from Bristol, his sponsors were there waiting for him. Bottles of champagne and silly string were sprayed on his car before children relentlessly sprayed the silly string in his eyes.

It was all worth it for DiBenedetto and BKR, who now head to Richmond with momentum and confidence on their side. The only question that remains? What did DiBenedetto’s car look like the morning after?


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