LOOK: Tony Stewart holds Q&A, parties with pet pig Pork Chop in first Periscope

Ever wanted to know what Tony Stewart’s life is like? Well, according to his Periscope debut on Tuesday night, it’s a world where playing pool, hanging out with friends and breaking up fights between a dog and pig never stop.

We also learned the true purpose of why Periscope, a live-streaming social media app, was invented.

Smoke started off the night playing a game of pool—which he lost (spoiler!)—while answering a few questions from fans. While you can’t see the questions on the feed provided below, Stewart does a solid job of reading back the queries before answering them.

The party continued—somewhat—when Stewart gave fans a tour of his house including his bedroom. He then unleashed his miniature pig, Pork Chop. After a scrap with Max, Smoke’s dog, Pork Chop ate “like a pig” as Stewart fielded more questions about the mini beast.

This wasn’t the first time we’ve seen Pork Chop on social media with Smoke.

For a look at the entire night—about one hour worth of video—Tony Stewart Nation provided the Periscope feed on Twitter.

The first night wasn’t enthralling, but anyone who has watched Stewart over the years knows the best is yet to come. Let’s just say we’re looking forward to the Mud Summer Classic at Eldora Speedway, owned by Stewart, on July 22. The night is always a special one, but the party with Smoke should make it even more enticing.

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