LOOK: Ryan Blaney, Bubba Wallace get us in the holiday spirit with Christmas song

Image courtesy of @Blaney.
Image courtesy of @Blaney.

Image courtesy of @Blaney.

When Ryan Blaney and Bubba Wallace get together, the results are always epic. Earlier this year, they donned retro outfits as they strutted around Road America.

Thanks to the offseason, these best buds on and off the track can now spend copious amounts of time with one another. That’s a positive for NASCAR fans who need a laugh during the down months.

Now they’re getting in the holiday spirit with a duet from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. As you can expect, it was absolutely fantastic.

While we don’t condone singing while behind the wheel, these guys are professionals. They kinda know what they’re doing.

It’s clear their singing skills could use a little work, along with the harmony at the end. But if this didn’t make your day or at least make you even more excited for Christmas, you’re not doing it right.


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