LOOK: Richard Petty Motorsports Twitter account hacked, RPM issues apology

Image courtesy of @NASCARonNBC.
Image courtesy of @NASCARonReddit.

Image courtesy of @NASCARonReddit.

Anyone who has ever had a social media account hacked knows it is devastating. It’s typically paired with a sinking feeling in your stomach and a sense of wonder about who might have been affected.

For a professional sports account, getting hacked means it will likely blow up immediately. In the case of Richard Petty Motorsports, that’s exactly what happened on Wednesday when a hacker tweeted out a vulgar message on Twitter.

The above image shows the tweet with the NSFW language bleeped out. Those who can’t decode the message can find the full screenshot courtesy of the NASCAR on Reddit account.

Shortly after the hacking, RPM issued an apology for the tweet and how the association planned to deal with the problem.


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