LOOK: NASCAR fan’s truck ignites on fire in parking lot during Kentucky race

Image courtesy of NBCSN broadcast.
Image courtesy of NBCSN broadcast.

Image courtesy of NBCSN broadcast.

NASCAR fans are used to seeing sparks fly and cars catching on fire on the track, but Saturday night in Kentucky saw a completely different fire take place. One fan’s truck ignited in the parking lot during the Quaker State 400 just outside of the race track.

The fire was discovered during a caution (there were a lot of those Saturday night) and broadcast by NBC Sports Network before the restart.

Unfortunately, the pickup truck wasn’t the only vehicle involved in the fire as the car parked next to it was also damaged. Flames spread from the cab of the truck to the other car while smoke appears to reach the truck on the opposite side.

After the truck was completely charred, the parking lot fire was extinguished. Kentucky Speedway general manager Mark Simendinger reported a person was in the cabin of the truck during the fire. That individual was pulled out by track responders.

The fire was no joke for the owner of the three vehicles involved, but it definitely incited some hilarious reactions from social media.

No word on how the truck owner will get home, but something tells us Uber is guaranteed at least one pickup at Kentucky Speedway tonight.


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