LOOK: Kyle Busch stars in ‘Days of Thunder’ themed M&M’s commercial

Image courtesy of M&M's.

He didn’t slam into you. He didn’t bump into you. He didn’t nudge you. He rubbed you. And rubbin’, son, is racin’.

That glorious line can be heard from Robert Duvall in the original “Days of Thunder,” or now Adam Stevens. Kyle Busch and Stevens partnered together for a Crispy M&M’s commercial that looks more like a short film than an actual ad.

Busch might not be Tom Cruise and Stevens definitely isn’t Duvall, but they make a hilarious tandem as Cole Trickle and Harry Hogge. Samantha Busch, less than two months after giving birth to Brexton, also filled in pretty nicely for Nicole Kidman in the commercial.

M&M’s not only released a commercial, but also outtakes from the shoot.

C’mon Adam, everyone knows that rubbin’ is racin’. And no shoot would be complete without a reference to Talladega Nights, “What do I do with my hands?”

Regardless of how you feel about Busch, this commercial should make even the biggest haters smile. In a season where Busch is working his way back into the Chase and overcoming his own obstacles, he’s a perfect fit for a parody version of Cole Trickle.


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