LOOK: Kyle Busch chugs Crown Royal after Brickyard 400 triumph

Image courtesy of @ToyotaRacing.
Image courtesy of @ToyotaRacing.

Image courtesy of @ToyotaRacing.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway has a wealth of traditions. Before the race begins, balloons are released—and sometimes return to the track. Following the Indianapolis 500, milk is chugged by the winner.

For NASCAR drivers, the entire winning team meets on the track to kiss the bricks across the start/finish line. That apparently wasn’t good enough for Kyle Busch.

The Joe Gibbs Racing driver clinched Toyota Racing’s first ever win in the Brickyard 400 and decided he needed to chug something. With no milk handy, Busch grabbed a bottle of Crown Royal—the title sponsor for the race.

His reaction after the generous swig was captured by John Morris of NASCAR Productions.

Here’s @rowdybusch chugging the Crown. ? #Congrats #NASCAR

A video posted by John Morris (@jmorristv) on

Will this become a new tradition apart from just kissing the bricks? Well, not if Chase Elliott wins the race next season. You know, because he’ll only be 20 years old.

It’s a great time for Busch, who can’t seem to do any wrong since his return. With four wins in the last five races, the victory celebrations might not be ending any time soon for the JGR driver.


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