LOOK: Kurt Busch’s gas man Rick Pigeon walks through fire during pit stop

Image courtesy of NBC Sports Network's broadcast.

Jumping over the wall for a NASCAR pit crew is not for the faint of heart. Being a gas man, well, that’s the most dangerous position of all. On Sunday at Martinsville, Kurt Busch’s gas man Rick Pigeon proved that is still true.

The gas man for the No. 41 machine went back out into the pit stall after handing off the gas can when excess fuel on the ground lit on fire. Never missing a beat, Pigeon continued the pit stop by taking the left rear tire off with fire on his shoes and pant leg.

Luckily no one appeared to be injured during the brief fire, but it’s a terrifying ordeal for any crew member after issues earlier this season. Brendan Gaughan’s crew member was injured when his car caught on fire during a caution and Brad Keselowski’s crew was hurt when he overran his pit stall.

Busch returned to the track and was still running in the top five shortly after the stop. Thanks to a great effort from Pigeon and trusting his equipment despite the fire, the Stewart-Haas Racing team still has a chance to pull off a strong finish on Sunday.


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