LOOK: Jeff Gordon Pop-Tart can be yours for … $10,000?

Image courtesy of eBay user lonewolftreasures.
Image courtesy of eBay user lonewolftreasures.

Image courtesy of eBay user lonewolftreasures.

A Jeff Gordon Pop-Tart is on sale for a reasonable price of $10,000. Sure, NASCAR fans can go to their local grocery store and buy three boxes for less than $10 or go all out on the holy grail of Pop-Tarts for $10,000.

One eBay user is selling his limited edition Jeff Gordon Pop-Tart for the outrageous price, stating that millions were made and consumed back in 2009. Granted, there are no other toaster pastries with Gordon’s car selling on the site, presumably because they couldn’t contain themselves around the frosting and brown sugar cinnamon filling.

“So my Jeff Gordon Pop Tart didn’t sell the first time and was NOT a joke by any means so I am trying again,” the seller wrote on eBay. “And will continue to try and sell it until someone decides that he/she/they want this Pop Tart for their NASCAR/Jeff Gordon collection.”

The seller isn’t just trying to sell the Pop-Tart, though. He also invited Gordon over to his house to eat dinner with her son. Her bargaining chip? Great meatloaf and a mean key lime pie from scratch! Who wouldn’t take that deal? (Jeff Gordon, apparently)

“Did I mention that my son is going to need a car next year?” the user wrote. “So monies from all of the Jeff Gordon items (if sold), AND the Pop Tart would be a HUGE coup for me and my son financially. Look, I could have started a go-fund-me page and told my story but there are so many other people who truly need help and I would feel really weird and wonky asking for any help.

“I’d rather choke on my pride before I accept help.”

Comparing the pastry to the Virgin Mary grilled cheese that sold for $28,000 on eBay, the seller truly believes the Pop-Tart is worth the price. But hey, if it sells for $10,000 we’ll all look like fools for laughing at the astronomical price. We know one eBay user who has that type of money to blow and he’s a former teammate of Gordon’s at Hendrick.


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