LOOK: Jamie McMurray’s son Carter introduces ‘Daddy’ at Charlotte

Image courtesy of @NASCAR.
Image courtesy of @NASCAR.

Image courtesy of @NASCAR.

There’s cute, then there’s a cuteness overload. Prepare yourself for the latter when watching this video.

During driver introductions on Sunday afternoon at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Carter McMurray came out with his father Jamie McMurray. What happened next was one of the most memorable introductions in recent memory.

Posted by Jamie McMurray on Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sure, there are several children around the NASCAR garage, but not many can rattle off a perfect introduction for their dad. Doing so in front of thousands of screaming NASCAR fans? That makes it even more impressive.

Let’s all hope this doesn’t become a rarity for Carter, who can pave the way for cuteness in the garage. That’s a thing, right? Well, now it is.


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