LOOK: Dominique Van Wieringen abuses car, storms off after wreck

Image courtesy of @RACEFEEDX.
Image courtesy of @RACEFEEDX.

Image courtesy of @RACEFEEDX.

Dominique Van Wieringen, a driver for NEMCO Motorsports, was simply not having a good day on Sunday. Then the situation got worse. Then it got worse again. Then she started punching her car.

Yeah, that’s exactly how the downward spiral went for Van Wieringen.

A driver for Joe Nemecheck, Van Wieringen was entered into the Pro Late Models All American 400 at Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville, Tennessee. According to a Facebook post, her car broke during practice, she went to a backup, qualified second then found out the nose of her car was illegal.

That’s enough to send any driver over the edge. What happened next, well, literally did send her off that cliff. Here’s a look at the wreck and subsequent rant from Van Wieringen, courtesy of Pit Row Media and RACEFEEDX.

VIDEO: Dominique Van Wieringen Tantrum – Fairgrounds Speedway …DominiqueRacing went all Carrie Underwood on her car at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville during The All American 400 on Sunday. U mad sis?Be sure your volume is up!

Posted by Pit Row Media on Sunday, October 18, 2015

While the video is hilarious, it’s also a reminder that sometimes you have to take into account everything that a driver is going through. Was it ridiculous? Sure. But every person has their boiling point.

Alex Bowman knows all about hitting that point on the track.


Just don’t take it out on the car, y’all. What did it do to you?

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