LOOK: Denny Hamlin nearly drops Harley J. Earl Trophy after Daytona 500 win

Image courtesy of @Jumpman23.

Image courtesy of @Jumpman23.

Caught up in the excitement of winning the Daytona 500, Denny Hamlin nearly made a critical mistake in Victory Lane. The first-time winner hoisted the Harley J. Earl Trophy and almost dropped it.

Luckily, his pit crew members were there to save the day.

Hamlin broke a 23-year drought for Joe Gibbs Racing with his victory. However, he clearly didn’t have any experience lifting a massive award like the Harley J. Earl Trophy above his head — something no Toyota driver had ever done before Hamlin.

Following his win, Hamlin can breathe a sigh of relief with his spot in the Chase for the Sprint Cup already sealed. However, he might never have lived down the embarrassment of dropping the Daytona 500 prize had it not been for his pit crew.


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