LOOK: Dale Earnhardt Jr. takes to the Autobahn in Germany

Image courtesy of @jeff_gluck.
Image courtesy of @Amy_Reimann.

Image courtesy of @Amy_Reimann.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is used to going fast, but typically only on the track. Earlier this week during his trip to Germany, Earnhardt got a chance to reach some massive speeds on the Autobahn.

Amy Reimann, who became Junior’s fiancee while in Germany, tweeted out a picture from the trip. Unfortunately, there was no video or Periscope like we called for when we first heard about Earnhardt visiting Germany.

Still, the fact that Earnhardt got to drive 210 km/h sounds like an amazing time. Then you consider the fact that it’s only 130 mph and he’ll reach higher speeds than that this weekend in Sonoma and it doesn’t seem quite as memorable. Let’s just say the Autobahn doesn’t have anything on going three-wide at Talladega.


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