LOOK: Dale Earnhardt Jr. reveals patriotic Nationwide paint scheme for Daytona

Image courtesy of @nw88 on Instagram.
Image courtesy of @nw88 on Instagram.

Image courtesy of @nw88 on Instagram.

The Daytona 500 has long been a special race in the lure of NASCAR. But the second race at Daytona, now known as the Coke Zero 400, is typically one that drivers and fans look forward to midway through the summer.

With the race being held on July 4th weekend, several teams in NASCAR will be rolling out brand new paint schemes for the event. That of course goes for Dale Earnhardt Jr., the most popular driver in the sport, who unveiled a sick new patriotic look for the special weekend.

The Nationwide 88 account on Instagram teased the new scheme all week before finally revealing it on Wednesday.

BREAKING NEWS: Check out #DaleJr’s patriotic paint scheme for @DISupdates on July 5th! #NW88JR

A photo posted by Nationwide88 (@nw88) on

Earnhardt already ran a fresh scheme from Mountain Dew with the Baja Blast look at the Sprint All-Star Race and will have AMP Energy back on the car at Michigan. We’re also still waiting on his “End of summer plans” with a possible Valvoline paint scheme for Darlington.

Suffice to say, Junior has nearly as many sponsors as he does fans. OK, maybe not that many, but there are a lot. With Nationwide now stepping its game up for the Coke Zero 400, there are sure to be some interesting new looks rolling out the rest of the season.


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