LOOK: Dale Earnhardt Jr. parties with Martin Truex Jr. after Pocono breakthrough

Martin Truex Jr. has plenty of friends in the sport, but could he soon have two teammates to support him? Image courtesy of @DaleJr.
Image courtesy of @DaleJr.

Image courtesy of @DaleJr.

Sunday didn’t mark Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s second win of the season. He didn’t pull out his third straight victory at Pocono after sweeping the track last year. But with Martin Truex Jr. finally getting to Victory Lane, Junior wouldn’t be denied a chance to visit his friend.

From 2005 through 2008, Earnhardt and Truex were teammates with Dale Earnhardt, Inc. before both joined different teams. It took a few years for Earnhardt to find success with Hendrick, something Truex knows about after an underwhelming 2014 season with Furniture Row Racing.

Despite the two going their separate ways professionally, they’ve maintained a close relationship off the track. In fact, Junior’s new puppy Gus left a present for Truex earlier this season on his bus.

On Sunday, Junior had a more fitting celebration with Truex and his girlfriend Sherry Pollex—without Gus. Here’s a look at some of the best photos and moments shared on social media following Truex’s triumph at Pocono.

Big hug for Sherry Pollex from Dale Earnhardt, Jr! #NASCAR #FURNITUREROWRACING

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