LOOK: Dale Earnhardt Jr. appears in Dude Perfect’s ‘Driving Stereotypes’ video

Image courtesy of @DudePerfect.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a lot of media obligations for multiple primary and secondary sponsors. But NASCAR’s 12-time Most Popular Driver winner still finds time to make awesome videos from time to time.

On Monday, his latest video was released from Dude Perfect. The “Driving Stereotypes” were simply made for the Hendrick Motorsports racer. It also fits in perfectly with his Nationwide Insurance sponsorship, you know, because he’s being a safe driver.

Dude Perfect has a history of making viral videos, but this might be the most popular in the NASCAR community. Earnhardt’s popularity is sure to help the already flourishing collection of bros that have over four millions subscribers and 480 millions views on YouTube.

While Junior is a supreme wheelman on the track, he’s not exactly the best wingman. But he is a master at the high notes and singing Shania Twain.


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