LOOK: Brad Keselowski wrecks Twitter troll following New Hampshire race

Image courtesy of @HeraldLeader.
Image courtesy of @HeraldLeader.

Image courtesy of @HeraldLeader.

In the words of Taylor Swift, “Hater’s gonna hate, hate, hate, hate hate.” On Sunday, following a second-place finish at New Hampshire, Brad Keselowski was confronted on Twitter by a troll who clearly didn’t expect a response.

Not only did Kes respond, the Team Penske driver incinerated the troll with his witty comeback.

I’m not sure what a “Super Grover” is, but it’s a good thing this Twitter troll doesn’t go by his or her actual identity. Otherwise, they would need to hide their face. Like, forever.

But Grover wasn’t the only troll going after Kes on Sunday night. Jeff Gluck of USA Today stepped in to burn another “internet tough guy” as Keselowski called him.

If there’s one lesson to take from the trolls burned Sunday night, it’s to think twice before you step to Keselowski. Whether you’re at the track or on Twitter, Keselowski doesn’t play.


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