LOOK: Alex Bowman rolls out a new paint scheme for Indianapolis—with flames

Image courtesy of @TBR_Racing.
Image courtesy of @TBR_Racing.

Image courtesy of @TBR_Racing.

Just a week after Alex Bowman’s car went up in flames at New Hampshire, Tommy Baldwin Racing plans to run a new look with Marsh Grocery as the primary sponsor.

Oh, and it has flames running along the side. You can’t make this stuff up.

With fire stemming out of the right and left front tires, the TBR scheme might be hitting a little too close to home for Bowman’s fan base.

Then again, Bowman never misses an opportunity to interact with his fans and even poke fun at himself. So, of course he reached out to a fan after a witty comment was left on Twitter.

TBR may be a small team, but it doesn’t lack for sponsors on Bowman’s machines. The No. 7 has featured schemes from main sponsors like Advance Auto Parts, DOC 360, Nikko Toys, Golden Corral, Culer Coolers and Racing-Rewards.com to name a few.

After finishing 40th last season at Indianapolis with BK Racing, Bowman is hoping his new team and new sponsor will help propel him to his fourth top-20 finish of the season.


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