‘Little Rappers’ are back with the July NASCAR recap

We’ve been waiting for over a month for the latest release from the Little Rappers, and now it’s finally here. The entire month of July was put one 2.5-minute rap with stars like Dale Earnhardt Jr., Danica Patrick and, of course, plenty of Kyle Busch.

Let’s just say it was worth the wait.

Last week, Caleb and Sammy’s father, Justin Corsa, told us to expect plenty of Busch along with a rap from his three-year-old son. Caleb C breaks down everything from Patrick’s yoga poses to Austin Dillon’s massive wreck, but Sammy’s rap proved why they are called the Little Rappers.

We know Caleb can rap, but Sammy showed his chops in the July recap. Those dance moves at the end were also adorably awesome.

Enjoy the July recap, because you’ll have to wait another month before getting the next one is released. With all the hard work that goes into this process from the entire family, we already can’t wait to see what the family has in store.


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