Joey Logano visits flood victims in South Carolina, donates $50,000

Image courtesy of Heather M. Smith.

Image courtesy of Heather M. Smith.

Two weeks ago, South Carolina was hit with some of the hardest storms the state has ever seen. The aftermath of flooding all over the state left several homes and entire cities ruined.

On Thursday afternoon, Joey Logano and the Joey Logano Foundation made an effort to help the relief process. During a visit to Columbia, South Carolina, Logano spoke with victims of the floods and made a contribution of $50,000 through the JLF to help rebuild.

Life is going well for Logano, who recently won the first Chase race of the Contender Round at Charlotte Motor Speedway. With a championship in grasp as the first driver to advance to the third round, he can relax and give back to others.

Alongside Chip Wile, president of Darlington Raceway, Logano made a day of visiting with citizens ravaged by the floods. Here’s the look at the tour before Logano headed to Kansas for this weekend’s race.


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