Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton making the move to NASCAR?

Image courtesy of @Sport360.
Image courtesy of @Sport360.

Image courtesy of @Sport360.

During his eight full seasons at the Formula 1 level, Lewis Hamilton has accomplished nearly everything. Now the Mercedes expert is pondering his next move—and he’s not taking NASCAR off the table.

The two-time F1 champion spoke about the potential of making the move to the American sport, telling Byron Young of Daily Mirror, “I’d really like to do a NASCAR race one day.”

While that isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of his future plans, Hamilton moving to NASCAR would send ripples throughout the sports world. Not only is Hamilton one of the most popular and polarizing figures in racing, he’s also the reigning F1 champ.

NASCAR has seen what superstars like Tony Stewart and Danica Patrick moving over from Indy cars to the sport brought in terms of popularity. To put Hamilton’s following into perspective, the 30-year-old driver has more Twitter followers than Patrick and Dale Earnhardt Jr.—NASCAR’s most popular drivers—combined.

Unlike Patrick, Hamilton has a history of winning with two titles and a staggering 16 wins in the last season and a half. He can also integrate himself into a new series quickly after setting a record with nine podium finishes to start his career in Formula 1.

Will he join a team full-time? Or simply run one race in America’s premier series? Regardless of what his future holds, any stint in NASCAR would be a huge get for the sport.


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