Foodies unite! Charlotte offering interesting options on the menu for NASCAR fans

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Fans heading out to Charlotte Motor Speedway over the next 10 days need to prepare their stomachs. During the Sprint All-Star Race and Coca-Cola 600, the always adventurous menu from Levy Restaurants will offer three new options—candied-bacon lollipops, the Crank Shaft Burrito and the Speedway Picnic Burger.

Yes, you read that right. The same track that helped bring the Funnel Baconator to fame is now offering … MORE BACON! Candied-bacon lollipops will be one featured item for the 10 Days of Thunder in Charlotte for race fans to dig their faces into starting Saturday.

Former driver and current FOX analyst Darrell Waltrip was apparently a fan of the new item.

The lollipops “combine the savory saltiness of thick-cut bacon with the sweetness of brown sugar and maple syrup and an added kick of Sriracha chili sauce and black pepper, creating a medley of flavors that will satisfy the taste buds,” per a CMS release.  At only $5 and 225 calories, this seems like a must-have snack for fans in attendance.

Next on the new list of foods is an enormous Mexican delicacy fit for four. At 6.5 pounds, the Crank Shaft Burrito features four 12-inch tortillas with 1.5 pounds of baked beans, 1.5 pounds of coleslaw and three pounds of pulled pork with house-made barbecue sauce. That’s all topped with eight ounces of white queso, four ounces of jalapenos, more baked beans, slaw and pulled pork.

Let’s just say those who try to take this challenge on alone might give new meaning to 10 Days of Thunder. At $25, make sure to divvy this out to friends and family who don’t mind the 1,685 calories in this behemoth burrito.

The action on the track should suffice for diehard fans, but casual fans can also enjoy a picnic in the grandstands with the Speedway Picnic Burger. Levy Restaurants offers a massive burger fit for eight people that includes eight 1/4-pound patties, eight hot dogs, 1.5 pounds of pork—deep breath—one pound of bacon with lettuce, tomatoes and eight slices of cheese. All of that is on a 14-inch sesame seed bun.

That mammoth will set race fans back $35, but that comes in at less than $5 per person if split between eight people. It might also lead to several bathroom trips if not split between eight. Sharing is caring, y’all.

Foodies and NASCAR fans will unite at Charlotte over the next week, and CMS has made sure not to disappoint. Pace yourselves, people, and don’t leave your antacid of choice at home.


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