Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets no love from Hendrick parking attendants

Image via @JRMotorsports

Apparently being named NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver 12 times in a row isn’t enough to secure a parking spot at a team garage. For Dale Earnhardt Jr., that’s exactly what he learned on Tuesday morning when driving up to Hendrick Motorsports.

The driver of the No. 88 Nationwide machine rolled up in a street car to find parking signs for his teammates Kasey Kahne, Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. However, one was missing, as he pointed out on Twitter:

Luckily, there is one team that still welcomes him with open arms. JR Motorsports, the team Junior co-owns, replied to the picture from Earnhardt with a makeshift sign of its own:

Earnhardt may not have multiple championships like Gordon or Johnson, but he is still one of the most beloved drivers at the Sprint Cup level.

Suffice to say, this situation will likely be resolved soon. Rick Hendrick will not stand for this.


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Image via @JRMotorsports.