Chicken Bone Alley becoming part of North State Journal, NC’s only statewide newspaper

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Dear Chicken Bone Alley readers,

The 2015 NASCAR season provided a wild ride (literally!) for us all, including a dramatic Sprint Cup triumph for Kyle Busch and Jeff Gordon nearly going out in a rainbow blaze of glory. The future is bright for the sport and, thanks to your support, even brighter for us here at Chicken Bone Alley.

We’re excited to announce that CBA is becoming a part of something bigger: The North State Journal, North Carolina’s only statewide newspaper.

The North State Journal will be a features-packed paper delivered to subscribers five days a week — Tuesday through Friday plus Sunday — and we’ll be bringing you the most in-depth coverage of NASCAR both within the state and across the country.

We hope you’ll join us on the journey and plan to subscribe both digitally and in print! The newspaper is planning an in-depth, wide-reaching publication with sections on a range of topics, including:

  • News – State and national stories and the big news, events, and issues of the day in North Carolina.
  • Business – Your daily dashboard for navigating the economic stories from across the state and nation.
  • Sports – Taking readers beyond the box scores for college and professional sports in North Carolina.
  • North Statement – Our opinion section, which values results over intentions and recognizes the responsibilities of a free press in a democratic society.
  • North State of Mind – An innovative features section that allows readers to explore our entire state through people, places and events.

Founding subscribers can purchase subscriptions in advance of 2016 publishing with special introductory pricing. Starting Nov. 30, interested subscribers should visit or call 866-458-7184.

The North State Journal will launch online and in print in early 2016.


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