Brennan Poole gets black flagged after intentional contact with J.J. Yeley

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Early contact from J.J. Yeley on Brennan Poole sent him into the wall on Lap 10, ending any chance of a competitive run for the rookie driver. That didn’t sit well with Poole, who went several laps down after having to repair his damage in the pits.

Poole got his retaliation on Lap 152 as he sent Yeley careening into the wall and ended his afternoon. It would ultimately end the day for both drivers as Poole was black flagged by NASCAR.

The 23-year-old driver validated his actions after being black flagged.

“Just tough racing,” Poole said following the incident. “… (Yeley’s) kind of a hero to me. Just a little bummed it happened between me and him. Just unfortunate.

“He just deliberately crashed me like five laps into the race when there’s 245 laps left. There’s no sense in that. It costs us a lot of money to be out here. … So we fixed the car, I got back to him and we just got into it. Just part of racing.”

Yeley didn’t hold back when discussing Poole’s brash move.

“I’m not just going to wreck somebody on Lap 15,” Yeley said. “It’s just a stupid thing to do. Obviously he was upset and instead of just talking to us like a man after the race, he came back out there and took a good finish away from a guy with a small team.

“Hopefully NASCAR gets a hold of him before I do.”

Poole would finish 220 laps down and 38th in the race. Yeley was 108 laps off the pace and took a 34th-place finish.

Let’s just say this isn’t over. And with the next Xfinity Series race coming in less than a week at Charlotte, both will still have a fire burning after this on-track incident.


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